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Technical innovation help PET plastic recycling breakthrough barriers

Technical innovation help PET plastic recycling breakthrough barriers

2016/05/25 14:51

  PeT plastics as the most valuable recycled plastic, PET and PBT together as thermoplastic polyester, become one of the five engineering plastics. In November 26, 2013, avery Denison new CleanFlakeTM film products series debut in the Sixth Asia international label printing exhibition, it can achieve more effective recovery and reuse PET.

  Glass fiber reinforced PET is suitable for electronic and electrical and automotive industries, for a variety of coil, transformer, TV, tape recorders and shell parts, automobile lamp, incandescent lamp holder, lamp holder, selenium rectifier relay, etc.. At present, several applications of PET engineering plastics consumption ratio: 26% car 22%, electrical and electronic, mechanical appliances 19%, 10%, 10% consumer goods, the other is 13%. the total consumption of PET engineering plastics is not great, only PET of the total 1.6%.

  CleanFlakeTM is a patent pending adhesive technology, when the PET bottle with label pieces soaked in a liquid recovery device, label and debris separation. In the whole life cycle of CleanFlakeTM, the label is firmly adhered to the PET bottle or container, but when put into the recycling equipment in the traditional quickly from the float to the surface of liquid, and recycling, and clean the debris will sink to the bottom of the container PET.

  Eli Dennison label and packaging materials Asia Pacific food and beverage market leader said: recycling PET itself is a valuable, marketable material. The importance of this solution is that PET can be recycled much more, thus reducing the amount of waste transported to landfills and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Our new technology eliminates the great barrier to achieving efficient recovery of PET while maintaining the high quality, transparency and superior performance of the label material.