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The introduction of PET plastic folding

The introduction of PET plastic folding

2016/01/29 14:51

  He is forming PET folding plastic products after hot pressing edge folding machine folding after heating, folding three fold and four fold, the production will be back after the folding plug in a paper called PET folding plastic card, use the range of some stationery package, there is a hardware product package accessories such packaging can make convenient packaging.

  Folding card is mostly used in toys and toys, PET folding plastic inserted need to play in the plane hole in the mall selling hanging shelves, goods displayed on the card in the front, in order to allow buyers to unique design style is better to determine the value of goods and goods, which is the benefits of the advantages of the card, select the card is not only for the goods placed on the shelves of the good-looking, more of a package can save more material cost, first of all can do some comparison if some stationery packaging if the use of folding packaging, or the use of high-frequency packaging, often backcard than their more convenient, certainly not what packaging should choose backcard, different items is to select a different package.